A Life Worth Living 

As we turned the corner into a new year, the excitement and promises of new goals were dampened by a phone call. My wife got news that her grandmother passed away. Having had traveled to see her recently, we all knew she was not well.  
There is however, always a tension between letting go and relief of a loved one’s suffering. That sadness ebbed and flowed during the viewing and funeral.  

But to hear the amazing life of this great woman of God was not only inspiring but humbling. To hear again that she and her step sister left the Virginia farm as young girls in search for opportunities up North and all she accomplished, was amazing! She not only found work but started her own business and always sent money back to the family.

Ms Marie lived a long and fruitful life with her husband, William, of over 50 years, before he passed away. She was a faithful wife and dedicated mother and grandmother. She developed a love for poetry in her later years and also published her autobiography. In addition, she also served at her church body. 


There is so much more to share about this amazing lady, but it would definitely require at least 10 more entries. But I think 3 things encapsulate her life the most:  First, her commitment to God, second, her commitment to being “won” with her husband, and last her love for her family and friends.

And that my friends, is a life worth living. 

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